An Artist’s Soul is in Her Lines

Hi, I am Teng Yen Lin, and I live in Singapore.

First off, let me say that my aim is to get at least 4500 views on this video by this Wednesday, 19 September 2012. Before you turn away, let me answer. Why?

I’m trying to be an artist. I say “trying”, because I wear the title with a lack of self-confidence. I draw and I paint, and I create art, but am I really an artist?

I made this film wanting it to be a publicity video for an exhibition* I am having a weekend from now. I wanted to be confident, self-assured, to tell people, you know, “this is what art is.”

What I found instead, is that I really don’t know. I have more questions than I started out with. But instead of hiding this video away and sticking my head into the ground, I want to put it out there. Show it to people. And maybe get some answers.

So. In short: I wanted to shoot a really impressive video and get 4500 views from 4500 very impressed people. 

Instead, I shot an unsteady video that shows me all my unresolved questions about my art. And about who I am.

I still want those 4500 views. But now I want to ask these 4500 people out there: will you please look at this video as a young someone trying to find her way in life? When you watch this video, what do you see?

I have a couple more videos that I will like to make and upload - I have them in pieces. They are embarrassingly raw and crude - in my opinion - but what I want most of all is to put myself out there — like standing naked in a roomful of people (you) — and find out what it is you see of me.

Do share this video to help me reach more people.
Also, please leave comments. The more truthful the better.

*My exhibition: “Dancing on Thin Air,” 
22-23 September 9am-6pm
16 Marshall Road, Singapore

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